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We are a non-profit theatre group producing Panto musical shows in Needham, MA.

"What is Panto?" you ask?

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Fortnightly Web Workshops

New year, new Panto season...

...but with that social distancing SPIN. Of course, it's still not safe to gather but we are too JAZZED at the thought of dancing again that we can't WAIT any longer! So we need to PIVOT. Let's TAP into the internet and JUMP online together. We may get some weird LOOKS from our #QuaraneTeam, but we're going to DIG deep and STRETCH the boundaries of Panto.

Get all the details on our new workshops and register today! Oh, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to REACH out ;)


Peter Panto Perpetually Paused Per Pandemic

In light of the guidelines set forth by the CDC and local government, we will be suspending the production of Peter Panto.

We'll meet again, (still) don't know where (still) don't know when.

Peace, Love, Panto ☮️❤️🎭

Posted: March 13, 2020


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